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LTX-5525 Digital Fiber Optic Link


The LTX-5525 "Signal Transporter" Converter pair is designed to transmit 16 independent digital signals to a remote location via fiber optic cable. These products simultaneously samples all 16 input channels at 100 Ms/S, converts them to a serial format, transmits the data over a Multi-Gigabit fiber link and converts the signals back to a parallel format at the receiving end of link.

The primary applications are those situations in which the signals of interest have a high common mode voltage with respect to the measurement equipment. These applications include plasma physics experiments, EMC test chambers, power transmission equipment, and high power laser equipment.


16 Independent TTL/CMOS Input Channels

Transmits Digital Signals from 0 to 50 Mb/S on each of 16 Channels
Input Signals may be TTL, CMOS, or LVTTL
Output is LVTTL
850 nm MM or 1310 nm SM Versions Available for Links up to 10 km
Transmits without Conducting EMI
Ordering Information
LTX-5525T-850 16 Channel Multimode, 2.0 Gb/s Digital Signal Transmitter
LTX-5525R-850 16 Channel Multimode, 2.0 Gb/s Digital Signal Receiver
LTX-5525T-1310 16 Channel Singlemode, 2.0 Gb/s Digital Signal Transmitter
LTX-5525R-1310 16 Channel Singlemode, 2.0 Gb/s Digital Signal Receiver
Number of independent channels 16
Optical Transmission Rate 2.0 Gb/s
Digital Signal Edge Uncertainty 0-10ns
DigitalInput  Sampling Rate 0-48Mbs
Input Switching Rate 100 Ms/S
Typical Transmission Distance @ 850nm

  50/125 Fiber 300M

62.5/125 Fiber 175M

Transmission Distance @ 1310nm 10Km
Signal Connectors DB25
LED Indicators Optical Signal (Receiver)
Digital Inputs   TTL, LVTTL, CMOS Compatible
Digital Outputs LVTTL (0-3.3V)
Signal Latency ~ 300 ns (with One Meter Fiber)
Loss Budget 0-15dB
Operating Wavelength 850 nm+/- 20 nm or 1310 +/- 20 nm
Laser Safety Classification Class I Safety per FDA/CDRH and IEC-825-1 Regulations
Fiber Optic Connector ST Standard (FC upon Request)
Power Requirements 95-260 VAC, 50-60 Hz ,16 VA max.
Operating Temperature 0° to 40°C
Transmitter/Receiver Dimensions 175L x 105W x 40H (mm)
Weight (each)  0.46 kg

Two Years, Components and Workmanship

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Power Supply Wall Mount Universal, US, UK, Continental Europe and Australian Plugs Included
Accessories Supplies DB25 Connectors for Digital Inputs/Outputs

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